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Wabaunsee County

Award Applications




In Wabaunsee County,  we have the Project Award Application for Junior members (7-9), Project Pages for Intermediate (10-13) and the Kansas Award Portfolio for Senior members (14-18).

Members should turn in record books to their club leaders.  Record Books are due in the Extension Office the First Monday in October.

Here are the requirements per age division:

7-9 year olds

1. Project Achievement Award (PAA)
2. Record Book (Personal Page, 4-H Story, Permanent Record) turned into club leader

10-13 year olds

1. Personal Page
2. 4-H Story
3. Project Pages
4. Permanent Record

14-18 year olds

1. Personal Page
2. 4-H Story
3. Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP)
4. Permanent Record

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