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Wabaunsee County

The Chicken RETURNS

July 27 -  July 31



Fair Rental/Display Spaces are available:

Indoor Space contact: Mary Reed Spencer (785)-449-2519

Outdoor Space contact: Darrin Rowley, darrinrowley@yahoo.com.


 Poultry Testing for the 2018 Fair will be on July 19, 4-6 p.m. at the South Fair Barn

 Important Notice... Fair Pre-Entry Forms will now be DUE the second Tuesday of July.  


4-H Shooting Sports Changes:

4-H Shooting Sports exhibits for educational displays, promotional posters and notebooks:  Entries will prominently incorporate the 4-H Clover with KSRE branding and should include the Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports emblem.  Failure to do so will penalize entry one ribbon color.

KSRE branding is available on the Digital Marketing Resource page.

4-H Shooting Sports emblem will be available shortly.


 Please check often as we will be adding more information, links on the right will become active as materials are available.