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Wabaunsee County

Wabaunsee County Extension Council

The Wabaunsee County Extension Council is composed of 24 members. In Wabaunsee County members are elected by citizens of the county. Six are elected in each of 4 program areas, 4-H Youth Development, Community Development, Agriculture and Family & Consumer Sciences. Each one is elected to serve two years. If re-nominated, each may serve two, two year terms if elected. These six members in each of the 4 program areas are called Program Development Committees. All citizens of voting age are eligible to vote in the at large election. To get more information on how you could be nominated, how you can vote, and the overall election process, contact the County Extension Director.

At the annual meeting, the council elects from its own members, up to nine people to serve on the executive board, consisting of a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and five other members. The Executive Board meets monthly.

2020 Executive Board Members

Steve TharmanChair
District 3
Megan MacyVice-Chair
District 1
Stephanie GrahamSecretary
District 2
Dick PooveyTreasurer
District 3
Jason EvansMember
District 1
Sam CarrMember
District 2
Tara HardingMember
District 2
Renee GideonMember
District 3

Program Development Committees

AgricultureFamily & Consumer Sciences4-H Youth DevelopmentCommunity Vitality
Megan MacyLogan HeineWrenn PachecoDave Stuewe
Alex GnadtJanet WertzbergerJason Evans 
Dustin KuntzConnie ConverseTara HardingGary Croucher
Sam CarrDebbie NutterCandace StephensonStephanie Graham
Nina ImthurnRenee GideonAnna LukertSteve Tharman
Dick PooveyJudi PerrinJoe PerrinDan Wagner