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Wabaunsee County



Grensing Memorial Scholarship Fund Application

This scholarship fund provides scholarships to 4-H members and leaders in Wabaunsee County to attend 4-H Camps, conferences and/or other leadership enhancing opportunities.

Application due to the Extension Office 60 days prior to the event's registration deadline.

4-H Enrollment Fee

To be a member of 4-H there is a program fee. Wabaunsee County 4-H Council will reimbursement members if they complete the form and other requirements.

Completed forms are due to the Extension Office the first Monday in October.

Wabaunsee County
4-H Ambassador Application

All youth, 13 years and older, are encouraged to join Ambassadors. Wabaunsee County Ambassadors is a youth led organization that focuses on youth leadership and involvement through promotion to non-4-H audiences.

Application and reference forms are due to the Extension Office by the first Friday in July. 

Club Forms

Typically Club forms are completed by the Club Leader(s) and/or the Club Officer(s). 

Beginning of the Year
End of the Year

Agenda Sample

Club Organizational Form

Club Highlights

Club Seal

Financial Report